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When will I ever feel complete?

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AddALemon Sat 11-Feb-17 22:03:40

Maybe its just me being a tad over sensitive tonight, im currently sobbing my heart out at the thought ill never have another child, I know I don't need a man to complete me but all ive ever wanted was to be a mum to more than one child. I had ds quite young, me and his dad split because he was violent towards me.

My best friend has just had a baby, on the outside im so happy for them and ive said all the right words and sent presents for their new ds, inside whenever I see a photo of the baby (which she sends me so its not like its fb where I can unfollow) im crying that ill never have that feeling of a newborn and being a family unit again.

How do I control these feelings? Obviously nobody knows how I truly feel. I have nobody that I can really talk to I feel so lonely, does anyone have any ideas wtf im meant to do to stop feeling like this?

Dreadfulidea Sun 12-Feb-17 09:58:37

I don't think your feelings are unusual. I think many of us go through periods of wanting a child, wanting another and wanting a partner and then time passes and you get over it ( or you get what you want).

I think you might feel worse because you seem to feel it is unattainable.
Why are you saying can't have another ?

sanityisamyth Sun 12-Feb-17 10:03:40

Feeling exactly the same. It's shit sad

AddALemon Sun 12-Feb-17 22:42:33

Thankyou for your replies, Its not that im unable to have another, I just can never see me settling down with someone else, im only 26 but it feels like this loneliness will last forever. Im glad to see im not the only one feeling like this, makes it a bit easier. Thankyou and im sorry you feel the same as me flowers

Proudtrout Sat 25-Feb-17 11:49:38

I feel exactly the same, just me and my toddler and I only feel like half a family a lot of the time, especially watching friends have second and third babies.
Time is on your side though, I'm nearly 40 so feel like my time has run out.
I really know how it feels but I try really hard to stay positive, I owe it to my child to give him the best possible childhood even if it's not the way I wanted it to work out...easier said than done!
Hope you're feeling happier today xxx

PhoenixMama Tue 07-Mar-17 13:26:26

I'm exactly the same. I'm almost 42 - I've got 6 months to decide if I want to try and have another one and I'm a wreck...

Louw12345 Wed 08-Mar-17 09:36:45

I was the same, I was a full time mum for 11 years I was with my ex their dad our relationship broke down even though I knew the relationship wasn't right for us no more and I was in a bad state more so coz of the love and trust I put into him for him to cheat etc. I honestly felt I could never trust again. I'm currently I'm my first year of uni after going to college for 2 years and have a partner who I live to bits. We have alot children between us and although he would like my child I'm alittle unsure . ( I love my sleep too much haha)
But my point is do something for you fun go out meet people etc. You will settle down again when the time is right.
Good luck think positive and when you least expect it the man of your dreams will enter your life xxxx

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