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Has anyone been to court regarding access for children?

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Louw12345 Fri 03-Feb-17 16:47:50

Ok really I'm just after abit of advice.
If you have been to child mediation and agreed on times and days (that the kids dad's asked for) and he started turning up late without communication say 4.30 is the time to.pick them up but turning up after 5. Or texting at 5.30 to say, he will be there at 6.30. Please bear in mind the agreement in meditation was that he was to give the children their tea.

What would the courts say regarding this?

Should arrangements be made for the children to be collected by grandmother or maybe dropped off with a family member on his side?

I'm only asking because I have only ever been late home once when he was dropping them home as was stuck in traffic and I felt terrible and he made me feel terrible to. But recently this has become the norm for him.

I did text today seeing if he was borthering with his children this weekend and its been 2 hours and still had no reply (I know I shouldn't of put it that way but I'm really annoyed with the lack of communication from his part) (obviously me being funny with him will make him not reply to but it's been a month now) and to be honset I'm running out of things to say to the children.

I'm asking more so as one of my children is having issues that has no spilled into school. So I have had her referred to something that isn't quite soical services but they work in the same way. (For many reasons)

Access will be something that will be bought up as my daughter is struggling with a relationship with her dad due to his partner grabbing her as she tried to leave the house.

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