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Tax credits

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spaceyface89 Thu 02-Feb-17 21:03:32

Hi, I hope people might know what to do. My partner and I separated earlier this month and I have just returned from maternity leave. My DS is full time with my parents so I won't get child tax credits, but he'll go to nursery full time in May. Is it worth sending off the form for the WTC element and then will I have to submit a change in circumstances once I start paying for child care? Does anyone know how much WTC is likely to be?

AliceInUnderpants Thu 02-Feb-17 23:08:11

If your DS is full time with your parents, I don't think you are entitled to claim any benefit for him, are you? Wouldn't that be payable to them?

RacoonBandit Fri 03-Feb-17 07:37:42

Do you mean he lives with them or do you mean they babysit while you are at work?

Afreshstartplease Fri 03-Feb-17 07:40:54

If he lives with you you can get tax credits now as long as you don't earn too much there are lots of calculators online try entitledto

spaceyface89 Fri 03-Feb-17 09:54:13

He lives with me, but my parents have him whilst I'm at work, so I don't have any childcare costs. He'll go to nursery in May.

Afreshstartplease Fri 03-Feb-17 10:03:16

How much do you earn?
Do you not currently claim any tax credits/

donkir Fri 03-Feb-17 10:05:54

You can claim tax credits if you are on a low income but just not the childcare element of it. It's definitely Italy worth filling in the forms.

SilverGiraffe7 Fri 03-Feb-17 17:36:30

Use this tax credits calculator to find out what you're entitled to now. Then in May you just inform them of the changes in his childcare. If you're going to be entitled to help with the cost of childcare in May, I'd have thought you'd be entitled to tax credits now.

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower Sun 12-Feb-17 22:09:36

It depends what you earn.

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