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Help, advice needed!

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user1485877299 Tue 31-Jan-17 15:51:58

I am 30 yo with a 5 yo dd
Had a pretty traumatic divorce when dd was around 2 yo. Managed to get back on my feet and own place. Met a guy a year or so later, to begin with he was great. After 6 months he moved in, quit his job and didn't work for a year. I worked 2 jobs while he and dd bonded. Now got a huge amount of debt, struggling to pay bills. He is now working but not breaking his back over it. In someways he has improved, started doing more housework etc. Just feeling a lot of guilt that too much damage has been done in relationship and finances are so bad I may have to move back in with parents. My dd loves her step dad but until recent times he has done nothing but take me for granted. Because I met him, I feel I am risking losing everything I have built and I feel like I am wrecking dd life with my poor decision making. Am I doing the right thing by leaving him and moving back with my parents or should I work at it? At the moment, it feels like all men are the same.

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