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Advice on threadworms

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Louw12345 Thu 26-Jan-17 16:37:23

Ok so noticed one of my children had thread worms in her stool last night. We have been to the doctors today and have got the medicine. Also enough for my boyfriend as he stays over 3 times a week. There's afew things I need to know as I forgot to ask.
Will a steam cleaner over the mattress kill the eggs?

My boyfriend has to dogs will any special requirements need to be taken for them at his house?

I have spent all day cleaning and washing clothes bedding hovering etc and still haven't finished 5 kids 4 bedrooms and making sure they wash there hands iv band them from the kitchen (I know overboard ) but I feel like it's never ending.
I have to wash 2 bin bags of soft toys which will not be going back in their room till I know they have gone as it's says to wash everything every day trying to fit that in with full time uni is making me feel uneasy and that I will never get to the bottom of this .

gamerchick Thu 26-Jan-17 16:45:38

Sounds like you've done enough. You could iron crotches of underwear to kill eggs.

Bit of damp dusting and clean handles, remotes, computer mouses etc and you're good.

You can buy ovex over the counter for any future infections. I just tend to worm mine regular anyway.

gamerchick Thu 26-Jan-17 16:46:35

And relax, its seriously common. They don't hurt you or anything.

Louw12345 Thu 26-Jan-17 17:09:26

Is there no need to invest in a steam cleaner?
I have read to iron sheets for bedding to, what about the duvets? How would I clean them?
Haha I need to relax don't I.

gamerchick Thu 26-Jan-17 19:23:14

Yep grin

Seriously, if you bath the kids as soon as they get up and wash off any eggs then you really don't need to do more than you have. The itching should stop quite quickly anyway. Just damp dust (baby wipes?) all areas that get touched like switches, remotes etc to remove any eggs that may be in the dust and you're sorted. I wouldn't bother washing teddies. Keep nails short and teach them good hand hygiene. I get mine to sing happy birthday twice when he's soaping his hands up after the toilet.

I love my steam cleaner in general but I haven't used it after worms.

llhj Thu 26-Jan-17 19:25:52

Love the last line of your op! Was that intentional?

BlackeyedSusan Thu 26-Jan-17 20:11:20

Eggs die in under three weeks. leave the soft toys in the bin bags sealed for three weeks.

hoover beds regularly.

everyone wears pants to bed and bathes their bum (shower/bath/wash) in the morning and puts on clean underweaar

repeat meds three weeks after first dose

two happy birthdays for hand washing with soap. (sing through twice)
do not shake things out in bedroom as this spreads eggs.

damp dust.

I washed one favourite toy.

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