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Scared to live on my own

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LauraAndBaby Tue 24-Jan-17 22:50:51

Hello, so just a bit of background history - I'm 22, and a single parent. Me and ex split up when ds was about 2 months old. Ds is now 2. When me and ex split up (he cheated on me - I ended relationship - didn't want it to be over though) i was very hurt/upset and I had very bad depression and postnatal depression.

I had to have counselling and was on medication due to having horrible thoughts about bad stuff happening to ds.

I am now a lot better! Don't need medication/counselling

ANYWAY! I currently live with family and me and ds are moving into our own place next week, I am terrified.. I can't stop thinking someone will break in and kill me and ds, or someone will set the house on fire and we won't be able to get out, or someone will come in in the night and steal ds! Does anyone else have these thoughts or is it just me?! I get so anxious thinking about it sad xx

Lucie89 Wed 25-Jan-17 00:04:35

I live with my partner and children and I still have these thoughts!
I personally think it's pretty normal but if you are worried then speak to someone or even your family And make sure you plan lots of visitors coming round to keep you company especially when your ds has gone to bed.
Good luck in your new home! x

workingmumsarebad Wed 25-Jan-17 22:45:23

Completely normal - stopp worrying!

I still sleep with the landing light on,since EX left. Once in a blue moon I manage to turn it off. Not sure why it makes me feel better but it does!
Love it when someone stays over because then I turn all the lights off and sleep properly in the dark.
No rhyme, no reason - you are normal!

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