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My baby doesn't sleep!

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peepee19 Tue 24-Jan-17 09:56:37

I have a 13 month old that has never slept all night sad I am literally exhausted every single day he wakes at least 6 times. If he wakes me up 6 times that is good because I'm lucky to get 3 hours each night. I'm a lone parent my partner died while I was pregnant so I had an awful time with my pregnancy and the birth too. I'm still grieving also which makes sleepless nights even harder! I just wish I knew why he was waking because I know I would feel so much better if I had a good nights sleep. Every single morning I wake up feeling sick and my eyes sting, he doesn't wake for a feed he just wriggles and cries which sometimes is every 10 minutes all thru out the night. If anyone has any advice please please help it would be much appreciated xx

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ThatsPlenty Wed 25-Jan-17 14:06:25

Lots of sympathy to you, sounds so draining. Is your son in the same room as you?

peepee19 Wed 25-Jan-17 15:11:56

Yes he's in my room I just don't know what to do! I feel like I'm never going to feel normal again Hun just feel so sick and lethargic all the time sad I don't go out most days because I just feel so drained I just hope and pray things will get better one day xx

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Cinnamon2013 Wed 25-Jan-17 15:21:59

This sounds really hard. You sound like you are doing an incredible job just getting through it right now. Are your health visitor and/or GP any help at all? I think this is something you need and deserve proper support with. I have a 12 month old and have not yet slept more than three/four hours in a row. Often it's hourly. It's totally exhausting and has affected my mental health a lot. I had help via GP and it's got me through it.

Cinnamon2013 Wed 25-Jan-17 15:23:19

Also - do you have support and/or counselling in the grieving for your partner? (I'm so so sorry for your loss).

Cinnamon2013 Wed 25-Jan-17 15:24:54

Also (again!) - I forgot to say it will get better! Of course it will. Definitely. My first was like this and got it eventually. But that doesn't take away from you needing more support right now.

FacelikeaBagofHammers Wed 25-Jan-17 15:30:24

I am so sorry about your DH. I can't imagine how difficult a time it must be.

I'd work on moving the baby out of your room. At the very least, you're not going to hear all that snuffling and wriggling. Do you think he could be suffering with wind? If he's not settling properly after a feed, it could certainly be that. My little fella was at least 15 or 16 months before wind stopped affecting him. Try a spoon of gripewater after a feed and a bounce on your knee for 5 mins before putting him down. But I really think getting a bit of space for yourself would be a good first step.

Do you have any support? Could you get a few hours to yourself, or even a night?

Look after yourself x

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