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VerytiredbutVerynice2016 Sun 22-Jan-17 11:31:02

I've just found out my ex has been lying to the CMS about his living circumstances and that he isnt paying maintenance to his newer ex (he hasn't left their home like he said and isn't paying her any because he's not separated).

This has obviously reduced my payments for the last six months and I'm just wondering what on earth to do.

How can I get the CMS to recheck his situation? Do I phone them and tell them what I've found out??

Any thoughts from anyone??

katronfon Sun 22-Jan-17 11:56:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Starlight2345 Sun 22-Jan-17 12:01:56

Yes I would phone the CMS regardless..Do you have evidence? I would offer to send them that if you do. My Case is been taken over by them next week so see what happens

VerytiredbutVerynice2016 Sun 22-Jan-17 20:11:30

He just told me verbally!

Don't think that's evidence - wonder what they would accept?!?

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