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Think I'm going insane

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firsttimeyoungmum Tue 03-Jan-17 19:57:06

Sometimes when I look at my beautiful sleeping DD my heart fills with joy and gladness that she is mine.
Other times, 30 minutes into a colic screaming episode i want to run. As horrible and heartless as it sounds, it's true. I love her and I'd never leave her but often I will spend a few minutes just staring at her crying little face and I have no idea what to do.
I know colic is a common issue in babies and the main thing to do is to keep trying to soothe her and trust me, I've tried everything.
My brain just can't handle it sometimes and I feel like a bad mum.

user1480264544 Thu 05-Jan-17 07:14:32

I had the same thing with my little girl! Hers went on for hours and sometimes the whole day, constant screaming! I think it would be anything but normal to feel like your not going crazy when this happens it's a barrel of emotions as there is so little you can do to comfort them, knowing there in pain and discomfort aswell. When it got so bad I went to my go and they prescribe some coleif drops which really helped settle her down and I finally got peace! I'm not sure if you've seen the gp or anything but if not give it a go! Your not a bad mum colic is horrible and could test the patience of a saint just keep up with what your doing and if it's any consolation they do grow out of it eventually x

NoToast Thu 05-Jan-17 12:45:04

Oh God! I so remember the feeling of wanting to throw the baby out the window. I never did and she's fine.

What you're feeling sounds completely normal, it's fine if it gets too much to put her down for a few minutes and step outside if you need a breather.

My health visitor really recommended craniotherapy for colic. Is this something you could look into?

This board can be a bit quiet so if you need more support consider reposting in chat, plenty of people there to talk to at any time and give support.

flowers, hope DD feels better soon

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