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Giving teenage daughter the wrong impression about one night stands

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yaela123 Tue 03-Jan-17 19:45:38

Sorry it's so long!

I fell pregnant with my daughter at the age of 19, had her at 20. It was a one night stand with my older brother's friend. I was on the pill but had missed a couple. I have only seen him once since, when I was pregnant. He gives me absolutely no support, financial or otherwise. TBH, I'm happier with him completely out of my life.

When she was 3 I met someone new. He is amazing and they got on instantly. He moved in after 8 months and has always been like a father to her. We married 1.5 yrs later and now have 2 more sons together, now aged 8 and 5. DD is now 15.

My daughter (slightly accidently) knows the circumstances of her conception. I have always told her that I love her so much, her father gave me the best gift, I never ever regretted her (she asked), etc.

The thing I'm worried about is that I'm giving her the impression that it was a good thing to get pregnant this way at this age. I have never regretted her, but I have regretted how young I was and how she was conceived. I had lots of support from my family but being a young single mum was still incredibly difficult and I would be devastated if she found herself in the same position.

I don't really know what I want to get out of posting this, I just need somewhere to explain (not the right word) my worries.

ohmygodyouguys Tue 03-Jan-17 19:50:38

My cousin's fiancee is the product of a holiday fling and has never known who her biological dad is, however she does have a stepdad that she considers her dad. She's in her 30s, no kids yet but I don't know how old her mum was at the time. I don't have any advice as such but just wanted to let you know that your DD won't necessarily find herself in that situation.

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