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sunflowers29 Mon 02-Jan-17 19:20:06

where to start
i have a teenage daughter aged 12
me & my ex split when she was 3 he has never been a hands on dad
but lately she has been saying nasty things like swearing at me - i send him recordings he is not interested she i rude does nothing i ask
he has her Friday night till Saturday 2pm
but over xmas she went over a lot she came home last night at 6pm
she was shattered he dropped her off no dinner & drove in the car - he has been warned not to drive after drinking
i asked her to go to bed she said you cant tell me what to do.
I feel like she favors him more - which hurts i do everything for her
she snuck out at 1 am and went to his
he drinks & his partner is a druggie - i have text him today nothing
where do i stand legally she want to live with him he is on the birth cert
he does not back me up he thinks that is little princess

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