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Christmas Cheer

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HappyHedgehog247 Tue 20-Dec-16 16:10:46

It's extra hard work at this time of year isn't it? The good stuff that you want to share and the slog stuff. I turn into an elf after bedtime every night, buying presents, doing the online food shop, wrapping and then clearing it all away for the morning.

But I look back a year ago and am so happy for our new life. And so wanted to say to all the other lone parents out there that I am thinking of you this Christmas.

You're doing a bloody amazing job.

Hang in there. Spoil yourself a bit even if it's just a bar of chocolate or an extra deep bath.

Think this was a note to myself too!

Go us!

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BlackIsTheNewBlack Wed 21-Dec-16 22:26:37

I needed this tonight.

I go on fb and it's a constant barrage of lovely family moments (eating cheese and drinking port/playing games/generally happy families being excited for Christmas).
I go to Ds (5) school nativity and the hall is bursting with dads that have taken time off to see their Dcs. My lovely Ds later tells me that his Christmas wish is to have a dad like all his friends.
I sit alone every evening but it's worse this time of the year. Wrapping presents alone isn't fun, I don't have a drink because drinking alone is depressing and not at all festive.
I feel so sad for Ds because he's really noticing that our family is different (and not in a good way to him) and if I'm being completely honest, I'm sad for me too. I want what I see on fb everyday. I've decided that fb at Christmas can just fuck off! 😂

So thanks happy. I needed a bit of a kick up the bum to give myself a shake and keep getting on with it. flowers

IamHappy1976 Wed 21-Dec-16 22:36:52

It is extra hard work at the moment! I am so tired...... The bonus is all the happiness is "yours"

charlybear7 Wed 21-Dec-16 22:46:25

Fb isn't real remember that! People only post what they want people to see and believe. It's not real!

I've recently had a fb break as it was getting me down seeing everyone's perfect lives whilst mine had ran away to start a new family with another woman!

Also trying to keep up with the jones's can f* off!!

Merry Christmas x

OopsDearyMe Sat 24-Dec-16 19:08:34

Oh god I feel such a fake right now! Trying to get excited for the kids sake. I normally adore Christmas and am the first one to get the decks up etc etc this yearbi have no joy for it all and I think its showing.
Right now ALL the kids pressure are at the end of my bed and I'm watching NORAD with them, we just watched Santa Claus the movie and I have had a glass of salted caramel liqueur. I still feel flat.
Kids are in bed because they are desperate for FC but can't sleep lol. Normal bedtime is usually around half eight.
I wish I could enjoy it !

Thanks for your post, it is hard work. I think its having three children's happiness and childhood memories on just by our shoulders. My usual go to person to rant is away in Oz with her family, so I have no one to vent to. Glad I found MN tho... Better late than never.
Maybe tomorrow will be better once the pressure is off.

Sunflower6 Sat 24-Dec-16 19:24:41

Thank you for posting, I'm on my own with 10 year old and 16 who have spent most of today either sulking or fighting. Facebook has been getting me down with all the family pics. It's nice that there are other people on here who understand that it can be lonely preparing for Christmas on your own. I have felt a bit tearful at times today but am holding it in. I always find Christmas Eve one of the hardest nights to be alone. It's also hard to get the presents out because my youngest doesn't like the idea of Santa coming into the house so is always unsettled at bedtime on Christmas Eve - always end up staying up way too late so can be certain she won't cathc me putting the pressies out.

CrazyDuchess Sat 24-Dec-16 19:26:19

I also needed this tonight... feeling totally underappreciated right now sad

charlybear7 Sat 24-Dec-16 19:42:51

I'm feeling a little flat too! I just hope my 6 year old hasn't picked up on it! I'm soooo tired as has an annoying cough all week that's kept me up (last year was a baby who didn't sleep well)! Tomorrow is a new day and then I'll be sad on Boxing Day when they're with their father 😢 It is rubbish being a single parent this time of year specially! Hang in there peeps we're all doing an amazing job even if we don't feel like it at time xx

Elfieselfie Sun 25-Dec-16 01:39:08

Also feeling shit. Particularly hard at this time of year.

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