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Divorce 18 months after split equity question

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Ladybird1979 Sun 18-Dec-16 12:47:31

Split from husband 18 months ago. He released some equity from our home. We had a house worth 350k with 117k left on mortgage. He gave me 65k as this was all he could afford.

He stayed at the 4 bed house we had. I bought 2 bedroom to raise our son.

I did this because it was unbearable living under the same roof and wanted out.

I didn't say this was a settlement only a way of moving out.

I want to get divorced. Have I shot myself in the foot for the remaining 50k? I haven't signed anything to say I wouldn't have a 50% share of equity. Only that I came off the mortgage.

I think in my haste to leave I've financially done myself. I will seek legal advice also I'd just be keen to know if anyone else has been through the same.

My ex says the 65k was the settlement.

KimmySchmidtsSmile Sun 18-Dec-16 12:55:08

hmm Then he's a cock. But you knew that. Hopefully someone will be here in a minute but he definitely owes you 50k. How you get it back means getting lawyered up but I hope someone similar who managed to comes on.

KimmySchmidtsSmile Sun 18-Dec-16 16:10:18

Bumping for you OP. Or maybe ask MNHQ to repost in Legal?

Ladybird1979 Sun 18-Dec-16 18:04:37

Many thx

Lostalot Tue 10-Jan-17 22:35:00

no don't worry. if you haven't signed anything its an 'informal' agreement. seek advice from a solicitor and get a formal agreement agreed. once its formal you can't change it again.

Fidelia Wed 11-Jan-17 10:24:51

Don't worry, you haven't got a financial order stamped by the court and you're not yet divorced. That means that all of the assets that both of you own are put into the marital pot to be divided: Your house, the 4 bed house, any pensions, savings, shares etc.

And depending on the length of your marriage & if there's a difference in incomes, you may get a bit more than 50% because you are the primary carer of your dc.

In other words....he's spinning you a line and that's not how it actually works.

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