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Single mum of 2 need to go back to work

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lyssie29 Fri 16-Dec-16 10:36:17

Hi looking for some ideas/help to get back into work. I have 2 children a 3 year old and 14 month old. Their dad died suddenly in April and I had to leave my job. I want to get back out there working but I'm not sure what I can do for childcare. I have absolutely no one to take them so will need to paygor childcare. How do i do this? Do I need to contact childminders first or apply and wait until I get a job first?

mummyharvey Fri 16-Dec-16 17:39:29

Hi OP, sorry to hear you've had a difficult time recently.

I would find a job first, at least that way when you contact a childminder you can tell them your start date, how many hours a week you'll need childcare & how much it'll cost. You can get help for childcare costs. I think if you have working tax credit? I can't be too sure on that part I do know you can get help though.

CL12345 Sat 17-Dec-16 07:22:11

Very sorry for your loss.
Depending where you're live, childcare cost can be extremely steep. I would first ask few childminders (nurseries if you're open to that), how much they would charge per day/half day/week.

Then check the entitledto website . You can check different scenarios: full time work/part time (how many hours?) work/childcare fees... This will give you an idea of your benefit entitlement and might help you working out affordability.

Good luck flowers

mrsdigestives Mon 19-Dec-16 16:44:16

Sorry to hear of your loss flowers
Do you have space for an au pair? that way you could also get the odd night out and have more flexibility possibly

juneau Mon 19-Dec-16 16:48:31

With DC that small I'm not sure an au pair would cut it, as I'm sure they're limited to how many hours they can do. They're also a notorious headache with frequent turnover, which is very unsettling for young DC.

However, a nanny (and nannies come in many different guises - they don't have to be super fancy), might work out the same as a CM with two DC and it would mean they can be cared for at home. But yes, do the benefits calculator first, look for work and then decide what childcare will suit you.

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