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he moved out today

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Ididntwetmyself Thu 08-Dec-16 16:07:48

Long time coming
But the shock/bump of it all is unexpected

He took bed from spare room, his fave glasses, kitchen lamp etc as we agreed.

I feel like a tiny raft afloat at sea with my two young boys attached and bobbing around me!

Emotionally I've been alone for years but Aaarrrgghh!!

I don't know who to call right now but I need some words of wisdom or encouragement or magic from the mumsnetdom - please if you have been there or are there now too I'm desperate for something anything - please help.

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Starlight2345 Thu 08-Dec-16 17:36:11

This is the start of the new beginning for you.

You will start a new way of thinking...

When I left my ex..I did the things I didn't because he didn't like them like watch hospital dramas.

the first time he left ( long story) i did the jobs I had been asking him to do and it was very satifying.

Dependant upon how you feel..Focus on what needs doing. Kids are a great distraction from feelings, play a game together, snuggle on sofa and watch a film .

Tomorrow focus on the practical, council tax will now be reduced, apply for benefits if eligible but make sure you get out the house, with 2 young boys they will be far better if they burn off some steam and it is good for your mood too.

Ididntwetmyself Thu 08-Dec-16 22:13:28

Thank you.
I'm not in the uk and he wants to take it slowly, i.e. Nothing officially/legally changes for the moment.
Adds to the weirdness.
Plan is for him to come over before kids are up so we won't tell them Until After festive season.

I'm taking advantage to send him off with the bed linens and towels I least like and the crockery MIL bought us halo so trying to see the silver linings.
But between the lightness and exciting and newfound sense of freedom there are some
Very blue moments.

In terms of beaurocracy not much at the moment but i am going to the bank tmrw to get printouts of important financial comings and goings just in case.

I just feel so isolated from the rest of the world. Prob as a result of the draining relationship but in real terms right now Mumsnet is probably my most regular support network.
So thanks again for your post.

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