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Desperately need some advice/support... at my wits' end...

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PiperBeeley Tue 22-Nov-16 14:20:38

I had a good job in a salon, and then literally out of nowhere I was fired in Feb of this year, I was taken to one side with no warnings whatsoever and my boss said she thought my taking a week off after my dad died (3 weeks before) was "quite inconsiderate since we are so busy" she fired me on the grounds that she just 'didn't feel it was working out' despite the fact I was always busy! I truly believe it was because I did not get along with the new girl, but she was there full-time and I was only part time, but I remain unsure!
However it is now November - I still have not found a job! I am alone with four children, since my dad has died I spend a great deal of time supporting and caring for my mother as my siblings all live overseas. I have minimal financial support from their father and zero emotional support. I absolutely cannot work weekends - I simply have no childcare options there at all!!
How do you other lone parents cope? Have you found a job that fits around your family? Am I missing something? Maybe it is just because I feel so frustrated by not finding work yet (I love to be at work and busy), but surely after 9 whole months it's fair to assume I should have found something!?? I don't live in a big city or anything, so jobs are potentially more scarce here. I am starting to have people say "are you STILL out of work!" which is sooooo disheartening sad
I'd love it if anyone had time to give me some advice (if there's any to be given?)
Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
My adviser at the job centre has informed me yesterday that if I don't find a job in the next two weeks I will have to start going in there every day! Well I live some distance from the job centre and I have also now lost £300 per month from this 'benefit cap' so I absolutely cannot afford to do this. I even applied for some voluntary work recently (which could lead to a job), which I can now no longer do if I have to go into the job centre every day! How does any of this make sense?
I am a desperate woman in need of some help and advice if ANYONE has any at all??
TIA x (sorry for the rant)

Starlight2345 Tue 22-Nov-16 14:32:41

How old is your youngest? if under a certain age you could transfer to income support.

Have you thought about going self employed. mobile or paying for a seat in a salon then you could pick your hours

I was in nursing and shifts do not work so I am not a childminder.

PiperBeeley Tue 22-Nov-16 16:22:41

Hi starlight, my youngest is almost 7, so no income support. In all honesty I could probably qualify as my mothers carer, as she is registered disabled, but it's not something I want to do - I really want to get a 'proper' job, not just for the money, but for my sanity's sake!
I exhaust every potential work option daily, I stalk many local salons and I check all job sites and apps hourly!... no luck.
I just seem to know so many lone parents who seem to manage work and family life seamlessly... wish I knew how they do it! x

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