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Lost it ......

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ninenicknames Tue 22-Nov-16 03:06:20

DS just about to turn 3 has turned into a back chatting monster.

Nothing works in any form of trying to discipline him.

Naughty Step - just keeps getting off (been known to try for an hour)

Stickers / Rewards - no interest unless it's sweets but then doesn't learn as to why he got the treat even thou I've explained

I praise constantly for good behaviour.

But here is where I lost my shit (hence the 3am being awake and worrying) his back chat is unbearable, he says NO to everything, refuses to be potty trained, actually is rude and shouts at me (& others), horrific table manners, MOANS, CRIES, SCREAMS & WHINGES at everything.

This evening I'd had it, I couldn't take one more sodding insult from him. So I shouted, I screamed like a psychopath sad I locked myself in the bathroom so I could calm down, I then ignored him for best part of the evening. HATE HATE myself for losing my temper & I feel I can't cope. (NC with Father, no other support but I do work full time)

I'm a shit mother and he deserves better.

At a loss as how to handle him, I don't want him being "that child"

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