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Daughter wanting to come home when staying at her dads

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BelleBoyd Sun 20-Nov-16 10:37:53

Posted about this a couple of months ago. And the same thing is happening again.
My 6 year old DD when staying at her dads-which her and her 2 yr old brother do once a week has started sending me long text messages from their dads phone at bedtime. Lots of emoji hearts, rainbows etc and then last night a little message saying she missed me so much and to please come and get her...
Their dad said she's being controlling and is fine and I should just ignore her. Not sure why he has taught her how to use his phone?! She isn't allowed to use or ever shows an interest in mine.
Anyway I went round there to give her a cuddle and see if she was ok and she said she didn't want to stay at her dads but didn't want to make him sad so she would.
I really don't want her to feel responsible for his feelings-that is such a huge weight to bear and just not fair on her.
Not sure what to do...

everythingis Mon 21-Nov-16 13:47:28

That's absurd why is he allowing her to do that? He needs to settle her and distract her and this will pass

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