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Breach of the conditions of a Court Order

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Feeram77 Thu 17-Nov-16 21:12:00

Just looking for anyone in a similar situation. My ex and I have a Court order in relation to contact of our two daughters. In it it states that my ex husband should not consume alcohol whilst he has them in his care. There's a long history in our relationship of him drinking very heavily (to the point of passing out) driving early the next morning etc.Although this had been an established pattern for the 10 years we were together, he still held down a job, hadn't been caught drink driving and I wasn't able to prove any of it. He had a hair strand test but this was only done on body hair, which I'm told is pretty unreliable and also only measured spikes over 7 units per day!!
I had bank statements that clearly showed how much he was spending in the pub alone but this was not even looked at.

The problem I have is that whilst I am happy for the girls to have regular contact with their dad. The amount of time he has been awarded left me in no doubt that he would be drinking whilst taking care of them. Recently he passed over a receipt in a carrier bag with his usual 2 bottles of wine and a pizza listed on it (nothing else) bought on a day when the girls were with him overnight. He recently moved house and my 8 year old said she found "about 25 empty wine bottles in a cupboard" and my 5 year old tonight has told me that papa is always drinking wine. The problem I have is that I raised all this at the time of the Court proceedings and basically nobody took any notice. One solicitor told me that the Courts like to 'try things out'. Social Services had a 'chat' with him (there was also DV when i ended the relationship) and he admitted drinking too much in the past but said he was going to cut back closed. I am always so worried but whilst I have no proof nobody seems to want to listen to me....I'm painted in the vengeful ex wife box and dismissed. He is a professional and holds down a good job but there are plenty of examples of functioning alcoholics. I don't really know which way to turn.

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