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Don't know where to go

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julesbee10 Wed 16-Nov-16 20:55:57

Hi there looking for some advice, I moved away from family etc 7 years ago after meeting someone, a bit of a whirlwind actually, moved other end of the country, packing up my house etc, moved and married he cheated a number occasions I forgave etc, had and lost a child, we have another child now, and he constantly cheat and emotional abuse, mind games etc, I want to leave but firstly I hate the thought of take my child away from his dad, he is close to daddy, also we are in rented property and haven't a clue if I move back up country where I will go, my family haven't the space etc, and I would be leaving my job and pains me to move my son away from his dad. I am at my wits end and very unhappy indeed, I feel so alone, sad, unwanted, unloved and he spends a lot of time with his love Childs mother but can't spend hardly anytime with me his wife and child. Don't know what to do...

ZuzaPa Sat 19-Nov-16 21:08:26

You leave. Your situation is not going to improve, and will likely get worse. Yes its sad for your son to have to move away from his father but ultimately the best thing as he won't be raised in dysfunction. He can still have a relationship with him.

You sound really stuck & can't see a way out, but there is you just need to search &-ask for help... many have left not knowing how on earth it will work out, and while its a tough road, you will make it. You have to claim your life back. You deserve it.

ZuzaPa Sat 19-Nov-16 21:12:40

Also sounds like your confidence is rock bottom. Not surprising living with an emotional abuser. He has your self worth ground to nothing, to forgive many affairs & ongoing second family.

Be careful with your plans to leave, maybe seek out some counseling / other support services & get a plan in place & go. Discuss it afterwards. Be safe.

julesbee10 Sun 20-Nov-16 15:25:50

Thankyou so much, means a lot, I just have all my furniture and stuff and no where to put it if I go, and yes my confidence is so low! I want to scream everyday, my health is not good through all this co start migraines, time of work etc. And all the time him and his other woman strutting around like life glorious! I am to soft and would pave the ground he walks on in gold if I could but...

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