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Single parent holiday recommendations...

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Cherryblossom200 Sun 13-Nov-16 19:00:08

Hi everyone,

I've posted this in travel but I think it's probably best in here as there are more single parents reading this and will have the best recommendations.

I'm a single parent going on holiday with my toddler who will be 2 next year and my parents who are now quite elderly. This will be my first holiday with my toddler and I was to get the location/accommodation right. Ideally we would like to go to Greece in one of the more unspoilt islands such as kefalonia/Skiathos. I'm not a fan of high rise blocks of hotels. It would be lovely to have half board so we can all get a rest but would also look at villas.

Has anyone been to anywhere nice in Greece (or Spain but quiet location) close to a beach, and easy access to a town they can recommend? smile

Many thanks! x

skat73 Sun 13-Nov-16 20:50:30

We went to Vasillikos beach hotel in Zakynthos this year. Small family run hotel great reviews on trip advisor. I don't think Zakinthos is perhaps as pretty as kefalonia but it suited us. Also based in the quiet part of the island

Cherryblossom200 Sun 13-Nov-16 20:55:14


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