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ExH being taken to court for child support

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MaitlandGirl Thu 10-Nov-16 06:13:39

It's a bit of a convoluted story but basically the CSA are in the process of issuing a court summons on my exhusband for evading all attempts to establish contact to assess child support.

Is this a magistrates hearing or county court? Is there anyway of checking the date he's due in court?

He's ignored the CSA for almost 7 years - I know they want 7 years of financial info off him and to try and get the 7 years outstanding money plus ongoing child support. Is this likely to happen or will it just be from now on?


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Starlight2345 Thu 10-Nov-16 12:18:44

No idea but why have they waited 7 years...7 years he has been not supporting his child is disgusting.

everythingis Sat 12-Nov-16 13:16:36

Marking place to read the replies as we are in the throes of this

BigFatBollocks Sun 13-Nov-16 09:19:00

Hi op,

My understanding of this is it will be backdated to when when u started to claim.

You have had better luck with cms than I have. After 9 years he still hasn't given them those details and they haven't pushed it. They just got him to pay a default sum which is nowhere near his actual earnings, he has his own business. He spends more on a basic takeaway then he gives to us.

But good luck to you! I hope he gets prosecuted!!

MaitlandGirl Sun 13-Nov-16 23:36:43

We're actually overseas (Australia) and the CSA here have been trying since we emigrated to get $$ from him.

Recently he signed for a passport for DD2 and the info given was enough for the CSA here passing it onto their UK team for prosecution.

Not looking forward to the fallout from all this but it's not my problem.

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