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Moving out, help with housing?

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Pearlmum1 Sun 06-Nov-16 18:15:02

I'm currently thinking of moving out of a house which I half own (my deposit..may be a factor). I know my partner won't move out as he tries to keep me this way and knows I have no option than to stay with him. I am thinking can I afford to rent and will I get any help? I won't be paying into my mortgage from the moment I leave? Thank you

BubbleGumBubble Fri 11-Nov-16 07:18:46

If you are on a low income or benefits you maybe entitled to housing benefit.

Try the turn2us calculator.

If you are not married and your name us not on the mortgage and tgere was no contract stating you paid the deposit then you dont iwn half of the house as such. You would have to go to court to sort it out.

PatriciaHolm Fri 11-Nov-16 07:28:40

If your name is on the mortgage, then you remain liable for it even if you move out - if your ex stops paying, the mortgage company will pursue you.

Not that this should deter you from leaving someone, but you need to understand the implications of taking on more financial responsibility if he's the kind of man who would do that.

motheroreily Fri 11-Nov-16 07:33:56

I was in the same position as you and moved out, I was told I was not entitled to housing benefit as I'm a home owner (even though I don't live in the house I own).

It's been hard I get child tax credit and working tax credit and increased the hours I work and that's helped to cover the rent but I'm still constantly overdrawn.

As others have said you are liable for the mortgage but I stopped paying when I moved out. I know my ex wouldn't stop paying the mortgage so though.

PlumsGalore Fri 11-Nov-16 07:36:02

Can't you just put the house up for sale? He buys you out or you sell it.

motheroreily Fri 11-Nov-16 08:22:42

Yes definately need to look into a more long term solution like selling.

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