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Me and the bloody lurgy

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lolo14 Fri 04-Nov-16 19:53:31

I'm a single , FT working mummy, live away from my family. I've got friends but they've all got their own kids. I've had a kidney infection and raspy cough since the beginning of the week. I've been prescribed antibiotics but they've yet to work. My whole body aches, I'm getting chills then my temperature soars. My little one (3 years old) insists on sleeping in my bed and I've not got the energy to battle with her tonight. I'm so angry and frustrated, I've no time or energy to get sick like this! angry

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Starlight2345 Sat 05-Nov-16 22:13:01

It really sucks when you are ill ... Kids really never help at this point.

I do remember Denise Welch talking about her been poorly on Looose women and her DS asking if he could have a lollypop..She said yes it was a fruit one so one of his 5 a day...

My point been do what you can to rest make life easy..If your DC doesn't have a great diet for a few days it won't hurt..My DS loves it when I am ill as I make him supernoodles hotdogs and peas .. If your DC is quite often in your bed now is not the time to consider that battle. Tv is your friend..Anything that stops you having to use energy.

How long have you been on anti biotics..Usually you feel some difference within 48 hours if they are the right ones.. You may need to go back to GP monday if not improving.

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