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court order issues

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Nonamer2015 Fri 28-Oct-16 21:49:08

Hi I will try and keep this brief.

My ex partner and I have a contact order for our dd. He is entitled to eow and 2 evenings during his week that he doesn't have her at the weekend.

He has only turned up to his midweek contact the first week and has not shown for the last 3 months but continues to make the weekend contact. His reason, transport issues. I live 1 hour away from him. I have not make a big deal of this and accommodate him where I can.

Anyway this weekend, I e tonight my daughter is sick, she has been off school for two days with sickness and feeling pretty miserable and tired. I informed him she couldn't make the journey tonight but might be up for it tomorrow if she is better. He told me he couldn't make it tomorrow as he has no transport, despite me offering to meet him half way if she is up to it and make up his lost Friday night next weekend. He isn't happy with this and demanded he take her to which I said no.

He went to his solicitor who contacted mine to say fine she is unwell but I need to give him my weekend next weekend (mucking up a pre arranged trip) or else I'll be in contempt of court?? All because he isn't happy to get on a bus to meet me half way tomorrow? Is that right?

Also where do I stand with him not showing for mid weeks? If he can't compromise then I don't see why I should continue to do so.

AppleJac Fri 28-Oct-16 21:52:30

My understanding with court orders is that its for the mum to stick to not the father.

The mum has to make the child(ren) available on the days stated. Its a legal obligation for you to do this. However it is not a legal obligation for him to follow it.

I ve no idea about being forced to swap a weekend though.

charlybear7 Sat 29-Oct-16 23:02:46

What is the point of a court order if it's one rule for one and different rule for the other?!

This gets my goat!!!!

My ex attempted on getting a court order but failed. Blow me down if I'm meant to jump through hoops for a man who can't even pick up the phone to speak to his children let alone cancel on them and mess around our lives anymore than he has done already!

Argh this makes me cross!!

abbsismyhero Sun 30-Oct-16 07:50:13

I would just let him take her when she is sick I did that with my ex now if I say he is ill but you can have him anyway he murmurs things like ah well do you want to keep him there I don't want him to vomit on me to get upset

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