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How can I help ds?

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Maryannesingleton Wed 26-Oct-16 05:22:52

Ds is 9 and told me yesterday that when he goes to exh's he is told to go down and make his dad a cup of tea and bring it up to him in bed every morning. He also said that exh made him fry food in the cooker while exh played on his phone and that ds burnt his finger. He also said other things about not being allowed to speak to me on the phone or contact me and that he is often upset when he is there. exh is extremely hostile towards me at the moment, out marriage broke down because he wouldn't say anything to me and when I have tried to communicate with him about ds I get a huge amount of abuse back. I know that everyone parents in a different way, but this doesn't seem right and ds gets upset when it's time to go and see his dad. I've said to ds that if he doesn't want to do these things then he should tell his dad, and he seems to be thinking about it but says he doesn't feel able. Does this sound right? How can I help him?

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