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saintava Tue 25-Oct-16 15:50:16


I'm a single parent of 2 girls, I get on relatively ok with my exh. He has then every other weekend and a couple of week day nights every other week (at the moment, though he's been talking about moving 3 hours away for the last year or so, which has yet to happen).

I'm hoping to go away for a week to France with some friends next May half term, so he'll miss a weekend with the girls, and a couple of week day nights (if these are still happening).

What I'm really after is some in putting this to him. I tend to put important stuff in writing so that if he forgets I have a record of it!

I don't really want to ask for permission as such so that he can say no, but just can't think of the right words to put!

Any help please!?!

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Starlight2345 Tue 25-Oct-16 15:56:49

Technically if he has PR then yes you do need his permission.
I would word it I think it would be a fantastic opportunity to take DC to france on ...

I do not want you to loose time with DD's so wondering what would work best for you in terms of making up the time.

Ignore the move at this point..As Contact may well change if he does move however he may well not within the next 6 months.

saintava Tue 25-Oct-16 16:02:14

Thanks Starlight,

I'll put it like that, sounds much better! and I suppose if he says no, than I can do the same should he ever want to the children away. Not that I'd mention that now of course!

Hopefully he'll be fine though, I just find it best to put things like this in writing :-)

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