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what does this mean??

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weveallkissedafrogor2 Mon 24-Oct-16 13:35:46

I have recently applied for Child Maintenance for my 9yo ds. Should have done it a looooong time ago but that's another story!
I had a phone call from the CMA telling me that my claim would not start for another month because ' he is already linked to the CSA and we are currently changing over to CMA' I did check to confirm that this was not any thing that I had started previously and forgotten about and the lady on the phone said oh no this is for another child????
WWWAAAA??? I didn't know he had another child?
Side bar - I was also not expecting to get a penny as he told me he was on disability living allowance?
Me thinks there may have been some fibs told from his camp!!!!
I wont loose any sleep over it as he means absolutely nowt to me it was just a bit of a shock!!
And now ive realized that I have no question at the end of this its simply turned into a bit of a therapy session just typing it out!
thanks for listening lol!!

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Akire Mon 24-Oct-16 13:40:57

I woulnt believe anything Goverment department tells you unless you see prove re other child. Could easily be wrong person altogether.

DWP once wrote to me to demand I tell them where I lived. Er that be where you have written to me at, how else was I supposed to reply!

Not sure about rules on DLA but if he's not working he be claiming another benefit either ESA or JSA which don't exclude him from paying though it be very small amount off his benefits.

weveallkissedafrogor2 Mon 24-Oct-16 13:44:22

I thought maybe they had the wrong person but they checked his address and birthday with me before hand.
I do love to keep snipits under my belt incase there is ever any mud slinging to be done ( which I have never actually done - its just not me but I do like to be prepared) but don't want to look the fool if its not true!!

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SleepyHare Mon 24-Oct-16 13:54:03

I think you'd make yourself look a fool by mud slinging in the first place.

How did you not know he was paying for another child when you were together anyway? Were you not living together?

weveallkissedafrogor2 Mon 24-Oct-16 13:58:00

I wouldn't do it. I hate that sort of thing but sometimes just the satisfaction of having something there is enough.
He wasn't paying for anyone else when we were together . It was 7 yrs ago now so hes had plenty of time to sow his seed elsewhere!! Or possibly be 'caught out' for not paying before ?!

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SleepyHare Mon 24-Oct-16 13:59:31

Hmm. Well I dont see why it's satisfying personally, you clearly want to use it against him which is pretty pathetic.

weveallkissedafrogor2 Mon 24-Oct-16 14:24:53

pathetic is someone who does use it....some one who goes out of their way to make things up to trry and make you look bad.
Pathetic is someone who spends all their time telling people complete lies about you just so they can look hard done by or to make you look the c**t.
So excuse me if I am slightly SATISFIED to have thought that I may have one up on that person should there ever be mud that needed to be slung.
I have never - not because I have never had anything to. but like I said...I have always taken the high road... but push comes to shove I will throw back all of it if it came down to the wire because that little sh*t deserves everything he gets!

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SleepyHare Mon 24-Oct-16 14:40:09

Hmmm. Ok then I'm just going to bow out of this thread because you just seem a little unhinged.

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