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CAFCASS and the Family Courts

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Rachael06 Sat 22-Oct-16 15:25:07


I am a loving, a blessed, a kind and now a desperately sad Mama..

On 27th June 2016 I had my 10 year-old daughter taken away from me, while she was having a private maths lesson in her home, by social services.. this was because apparently, according to the Family court Judge I am 'emotionally abusive' and I have sabotaged contact between father and daughter.

My beautiful, sensitive, kind and very loving daughter was taken away from me despite the shock of the school, social services, friends and family. My daughter was removed from my care despite my ex-husband having a history of domestic abuse, fact finding hearings saying that he was aggressive with my daughter and despite the fact that he is currently on bail for child assault and child cruelty.

The abuse has been allowed to continue in front of the Central Family Courts for the last two and half years. I have had to spend my divorce settlement in trying ti defend myself and keep my daughter in my care. I have had to endure four different female judges, three of these judges have bene damning of my character and the abusive that my daughter and I have experienced. The divorce settlement was awarded to support my daughter and I as I am registered disabled, and while I am absolutely desperate to be independent, I am sadly unable to work due to my chronic illness ( I am still desperately trying to be financially independent as it is not only good of rebut an excellent example for my daughter). I have had to stop working within the capacity that I was able to work due to the many court cases and statements that I had to submit to court as I was also caring for my daughter and in and out of hospital. I continue to work towards employment and finishing doctoral work.

I now wish to set up a charity to help parents who have had their children taken away and have no voice in the family courts and against CAFCASS reports.

Please let me know of your experiences.

I understand that people may wish to remain anonymous as I am also trying to be protective of my identity due to my daughter.

I am a very loving, kind mama with a post graduate degree in a caring profession. My only crime has been that I left an abusive relationship 9although many did not know how abusive it really was).

I (and my daughter) am being punished for leaving a man and this man thinks that it is ok to lie (or misconstrue the truth) in court and take my daughter away despite the utter distress that this is causing my daughter and everyone that is witnessing what is happening.

Sadly this is happening far too often in England and I intend to fight for justice and wish to help other woman and children ( and of course fathers and children if this is the case too).

I am not emotionally abusive but sadly I do not have the money to defend myself against a very powerful, wealthy individual, his family and a 'magic circle' legal team.

Please get in touch if you have had a similar experience as I intend too fight with dignity, truth and humility and take this problem to the British Parliament.

I have repeatedly said that I would rather have stayed in an abusive marriage then have my daughter removed from me.. this is a very sad indictment after so many women have fought for freedom, the vote, equal pay and the right to be heard. It seems very clear that if an individual has a lot of money and connections then it is possible to achieve anything.

Believe me when I say that I feel no anger, resentment or bitterness, I am broken and grief stricken without my beautiful, kind and amazing daughter who I gave birth too and have loved form the very second that she was placed into my arms. I just wish with all of my heart that my daughter is returned to my care, as my daughter adamantly wishes also ( and she will tell anyone who will listen that she wishes to be back with her Mama and her doggies in her home).

I know that I am not alone- please contact me as I truly believe that there is an increasing problem that needs to be addressed. I have already met with my MP and will continue to fight but would be so grateful to hear form anyone else, as I hope that through my own battle with judges and justice, i might be able to help others. Finally, I realise that it is very hard to discuss family court matters as they have to be confidential to protect the children that are involved.

However, while I fervently agree that all children need to be protected from media attention etc it is also important to remember that the parents also have voices and they need to be heard, particularly in cases of children being taken away without proper evidence or in cases where there has been an imbalance of power and money.

I do urge anyone that has resonated with my post to contact me. I promise to be discreet but to fight for the truth to be heard.

With best wishes

A loving and very sad Mama who is fighting for her beautiful daughter to be returned to her care. x

JMKid Sat 22-Oct-16 19:40:24

Just wanted to say what an amazing thing you are doing. Good luck with setting it up and hope your get your daughter back. x

Starlight2345 Sun 23-Oct-16 21:44:08

I had a good experience with CAFCASS .. I was lucky I had a lot of written evidence from various sources but wish you luck..

CAFCASS need much more experience understanding abusive partners IMO..I think I was lucky.

Rachael06 Tue 06-Dec-16 22:07:24

Thank you for your kind messages.
Best wishes

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