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No idea what to do...

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Lillylou1991 Mon 17-Oct-16 23:55:42


Ive no one/where else to ask about what has just happened.
My baby's daddy has been cheating on me the past few month with some girl he works with. I found out after my paranoia got the better of me and i took his phone. I knew about her about 6 months ago. Told him to stop and he said he would so i forgave him. Then he obviously never did and things progressed.
Regardless of that, he broke up with me saying he needs more tryst in the relationship and he doesnt think i can give it to me. I told him id try but he said i would but we would come to the same conclusion in a few months time.
My son is 10 months old and my utter world. But i cannot stay in our family home now as it breaks me emotionally.
What do i do?
Who do i talk to?
What do i do?!sad
He was our financial stability. I am a stay at home mum after my enployers screwed ne over royally qhen they found out i was pregnant and bullied me to quit (whole different story there!) So i have no money bar the 20 a week in child benefits and now no home. And i just feel hopeless and alone and i never even imagened being a single mum!!
Please help me x

IzzyIsBusy Tue 18-Oct-16 00:09:45

Apply for income support and child tax credits.
If the house is in your name then stay put.

This man is a cheat and does not deserve you.

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