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Father making contact

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MeredithShepherd Mon 17-Oct-16 18:45:34

OK back story... we were together 5 months jan-may 2013. He ended it one weekend and the next weekend I found out I was pregnant.
Decided to keep baby which he wasn't happy about, said I had planned it and he wanted nothing to do with it. Fair enough.

Feb 2014 DS is born. I send XP a text to let him know. He sends an acknowledgement text back but that's it.

May 2014 I apply to the CMS for maintenance. XP has made himself bankrupt obviously expecting this. Owed about £7 a week. Tells the cms he's not the father they offer him a dna which he refuses so they assume parentage.

Never had a penny off him. I suddenly got a text from him last Thursday asking if we could make a deal without using the cms.
I rang the cms first thing Friday morning and they said he's been issued a court summons for the end of October which is probably why he's made contact.

Texts go back and forth me being very reluctant to give out any information (asking if and where I work, how I afford childcare etc) which I assume he is trying to find out to back his court case. He's still not given me a money offer though just keeps suggesting deals. He's now this evening finally asked about DS and wants to know a little about him. I'm floored tbh. I've told him he's amazing and lovely and that he likes tractors but I don't get the sudden interest now he's 2.8.

Sorry for the long post I'm just confused. I don't want to deny him knowledge about DS if he is asking as I don't want DS to resent me later in life but I honestly don't think he's really interested.

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