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Being harrassed

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Lynsey331985 Sun 25-Sep-16 08:57:19

My sons father and current girlfriend harassed me with abusive phone calls back in August. To the point where iv changed my mobile number and refused to give it to him up until 2 weeks ago. I finally caved and let him have it in case of emergency with our 4 year old. His girlfriend who works in Dubai came home last week. I then began to be bombarded with calls from cosmetic surgery groups saying is registered my details with them on their website regarding breast lifts and Botox etc. They assured me this had not been passed to them by a third party and that a person would have to physically input my info on a website. They've used my name address similar email to mine and new mobile number. I confronted my ex and he said yes she's done things in the past but wasn't her giving my details out. Which I find hard to believe after he told me she's been stressed and feeling insecure about their relationship lately. I'm finding it hard to keep my cool especially after his told me he'll make my life a misery if I go to police. Does anyone know if the police have any means of tracing withheld number calls or could find about whose been using my details to enquire about cosmetic surgery. I don't want any disruption to my sons routine but I need to know the ppl around him are good genuine people.

aquawoman Sun 25-Sep-16 09:04:11

Definite,y call your local station.

I had this once and the police found the number and called the woman to tell her she had to stop. It was enough to scare her off.

I would get a second number, and use that for your general phone. The number you have given to your ex simply have that phone only for him, and keep it turned off at all other times.

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