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Child tax credits and splitting the childcare costs

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relaxyourmind Fri 23-Sep-16 21:43:09

Partner and I split up 4 months ago. We have a 2 and 3 year old. I work 3 days a week so I can look after the children some of the time. They're in nursery 2 of those days, the third day being shared by grandparents. It costs approx £500-700 per month (including the 3 year old 's free hours) depending on school term dates for nursery.

I have asked my ex to pay something towards the childcare, but he repeatedly disagrees. His view is that the child tax credits that I receive (approx £600 per month) should be used for the childcare. My view is that the CTC supplements my income so I can work part time while my children are young, enabling me to look after them instead of them being in nursery full time. We both agree we don't want them in nursery full time.

He is self employed and works full time, he's not sure exactly how much he earns because he's quite chaotic but it's likely I earn more than him working part time hours than he earns 5 days a week.

He rents a house on his own, I am living in our jointly owned house but have been paying the mortgage on my own since he left.

We have the children 50:50 in terms of nights, but I have them 2 full days a week every week while he works, whether it's my turn or not if that makes sense.

I am happy having them on these 2 weekdays. Not happy that he's not giving me any money for the childcare costs. He gives me nothing towards the mortgage either. I'm hoping I can buy him out in the next few months, but in the meantime he won't agree on paying anything because I get the tax credits.

Do I make him pay his share? Or am I asking too much because he can't afford it? Or is claiming that he can't afford it. I have no way of knowing. He has refused to even pay a portion if it (less than half) because that's what I should use the CTC for. I only just break even each month with my salary plus CTC plus child benefit. In fact I'm not really breaking even, I'm getting more overdrawn each month since the split.

Any thoughts appreciated! Don't know what to do.

grandmainmypocket Fri 23-Sep-16 22:47:08

Have you contacted tax credits to tell them you're now single?

Do you work enough hours to be entitled to working tax credit?
He should be paying childcare but it'll be tricky to convince him to unless you make him keep the kids on the days he's supposed to have them. Instead of helping him out, which neither of you want.

ThatStewie Fri 23-Sep-16 22:50:05

What does he pay you interns of maintenance? Worth checking that out on the CMS because even with 50/50 care, the higher wage earner should be helping you out as you are working part time.

relaxyourmind Sat 24-Sep-16 07:26:11

Yes the CTC are mine, as a single claimant. But he can't claim them as well, only the carer that has them the most. I have told him several times he may be entitled to working tax credits as he only earns around £13000 a year full time according to his tax return.

I'm not eligible for WTC as I earn too much.

He pays me nothing in terms of maintenance, nothing for anything!

emza78 Sat 24-Sep-16 17:22:37

I think you should be entitled to the childcare element of wtc, where they pay 70% of the costs, have you called and asked? Sorry if obvious!

Disappointednomore Sun 25-Sep-16 07:47:32

I would contact the cms and have him pay maintenance.

Whoooodat Sun 25-Sep-16 07:50:25

Does he not pay maintenance because you do 50:50? I think that's based on number of nights. Contact the CMS to find out more.

Whoooodat Sun 25-Sep-16 07:51:51

Yes have you declared your childcare costs for tax credits?m

Fourormore Sun 25-Sep-16 08:02:51

It's right that he's not paying the mortgage (if he was, he could charge you rent for living in "his half" of the house).

He should pay for childcare on his days, you pay for it on yours. I can kind of see his point, if it's a 50/50 arrangement, he would be eligible on account of his wages and only one of you can claim.

You'll want to hope that he doesn't catch on to the fact that he can apply for CB and CTC and they would decide who should have the CB and CTC and often where there is 50/50 split and a dispute, they give each parent the benefit/credit for one child.

Greenbigtree Sun 25-Sep-16 08:13:23

My dd is no longer in childcare but what happened in my situation is that as I was the lower earner I claimed the tax credits and CB. Maintenance wasn't payable due to 50/50. I claimed childcare costs so had 70% paid for. My ex and I just then split the cost after that, regardless of who's day it was.

once they are 3 they do get their 15 hours free. Some local authorities - although you have to apply - give those hours from age 2

relaxyourmind Sun 25-Sep-16 08:23:18

Thanks everyone for your help.

Emza78 I do get this, although I don't know if I get 70%.

Whoooodat yes I've declared childcare costs and I believe claim all I am entitled to. He pays no maintenance because we are 50:50 but I did look up the CSA website and it's hard to get an amount without knowing his income, but it's coming up with £8 a week in total if he earns £14,000. I think he earns more than this but doesn't declare it all on his tax return . We have same number of nights but I actually have them in my care more because I have them on some weekdays when he works.

Fourormore Sun 25-Sep-16 08:28:11

CMS are only interested in number of nights and if they are 50/50 then nothing is due.

pinkhorse Sun 25-Sep-16 08:42:00

I have my child 50:50 with my ex. Neither of us pay maintenance as we have ds exactly the same amount of time. I pay childcare and school uniform costs as I get child benefit and tax credits. I think that's fair.

Whoooodat Sun 25-Sep-16 08:45:31

It's based on nights so unless you change your shared care arrangements I think that's it.

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