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Annoyed with Ex - using DD as an emotional pawn

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messeduptotally Mon 19-Sep-16 12:08:00

More of a rant than anything..

Ex and I split time between DD who is 10 EOW. We had quite an acrimonious split and have only just started talking to each other civilly.

I have another partner and so does he. My partner and I are quite outdoorsy and DD likes this and like learning new things ie fishing etc which she wants to share with her Dad but he is such an arsehole about it and puts it down.

He is still telling DD it was all my fault for the split which was 2 yrs ago despite me very recently asking if he wanted to get back together which he declined!!! (whole other story)

I've now decided enough is enough and moving on with my life but Ex still 'sending messages' via DD.

She was a happy girl on Friday night when I dropped her off but a completely different child Sunday night - full of attitude and being cheeky.. I know she defends her Dad and is stuck in the middle, I don't bad mouth him like I would like but I know he would about me to DD.

Makes me mad ex is being a Disney dad then putting down all my efforts at the same time...

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