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In laws!!!

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Melissa8927 Tue 13-Sep-16 14:19:10

Hello, sorry I know that this isn't really the most appropriate place, but I was really hoping for a bit of advice please.
My partner and I have been together for a good number of years, with 2 lovely little boys. Last year we decided to move in with the in-laws (his parents) to try and save for a mortgage, all was going very well for the first few months, until the in laws was over stepping the boundaries, not in a terrible way as they thought they were being doting grandparents, but I was uncomfortable with certain things, like them having a bath with my youngest, if I said no to something, the grandparents would say yes etc. Things were ok, until I'd had enough and my partner told them not to have baths with our youngest anymore, the very next day, I was asked to be the one responsible for all the house work, when there was another 4 people living in the house, not including my partner, myself and children......... Fast forward 2 weeks, me and my eldest put some bread out for the baby seagul, father in law comes home, is instantly annoyed, assumes straight away that it was my oldest, I then say it was me that done it, he tell me not to do it again (I'm of the opinion that I'm a 29 year old woman, I'll do what I like thank you!) the next thing me and my partner hear is my youngest upstairs call out 'silly bitch' turns out my father in law was a lot more annoyed than what he let on to me, and had decided to go upstairs, to where my 2 sons were and say to them that their mum is a silly bitch! After my partner confronted his dad, it turned into the biggest argument you've ever seen. I was called all sorts in front of my sons, both boys were in tears the whole time, and when I tried to defend myself I was told I am nothing more than a junk yard dog!!! We haven't heard from the father in law for 3 months now, but I know they want to see my sons........ I am not liking this idea and makes me feel sick with anxiety. I can't trust what they might say about me to my sons, and my sons are my world.
Am I being unreasonable???

JMKid Tue 13-Sep-16 20:31:22

They had baths with your children, a defo no no, I'd have gone mental for just that.

meandthreehappyascanbe Thu 15-Sep-16 01:02:33

Try posting not on a different category. This is for single parents and it sounds like you are very much not. You may get a better response.

Fwiw: if anyone called me a name in front of my children then I would definitely have a reaction. I'd say if that's there way of coping with a minor incident God forbid when something serious happens. Look into alternative places to live on the premise that you want to maintain a relationship with your in laws and if you continue staying with them then that might not be the case.

Good luck.

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