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Feeling a bit apprehensive

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GettingScaredNow Sun 11-Sep-16 22:13:57

Dd's first day of school tomorrow. So, naturally, ds has developed a sky high temp and is only willing to sleep if I cuddle him, while dancing around, using only one foot I may be exaggerating this a bit, but he is only happy if I'm sitting cuddling him

This is also the first time either of them has been unwell since STBXH moved out.
Dd had a broken leg at the time that he moved out but that was t quite the same as fevers, vomitting and no one getting any sleep.
So far, im coping. And feeling a little smug about that as STBXH always said I wouldn't cope on my own.
But this is just the beginning I suspect.

Am just feeling a little apprehensive as tomorrow is a big day for Dd and I don't want to be the living dead if ds is up all night crying.

Tips anyone?
I can do this... Right?

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