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Hate that my ex has a partner and I don't

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wonderstuff100 Wed 07-Sep-16 20:59:02

Silly I know and usually can see the bigger picture, but I saw him tonight for the first time in months and I got really upset that he's managed to move on yet I can't seem to get past a couple of weeks!

We broke up two years ago, I took time out for myself afterwards, saw a counsellor to deal with the break up, been on loads of dates since then, a few which have lasted a couple of months but nothing else. I'm starting to think my ex scarred me too deeply that I'm now incapable of having a relationship. I'm a real commitment phobe and am worried I'm gonna be alone forever.

It just doesn't seem fair - I saved and saved and just bought my own house, he lives in a crappy bedsit. I have a good, professional job, he's in a job (for now) where his degree and intelligence are wasted. He's a crap dad, doesn't see DS for months on end and he was fairly emotionally abusive to me.

So overall, I know I feel sorry for his gf, but I just sometimes get to the points where I think, where's my next partner going to come along?!

booksandcoffee Wed 07-Sep-16 21:10:17

[FLOWERS] It's not easy for now, but your time will come. For what it's worth, it took me a couple of years to try to move on. I then started dating, joined a dating website, but it came to nought. I gave up. Then a very attractive woman came in to to my work place. It seems she liked me too as she asked me out and we have been together nearly 2 years. Your time will come. I completely get the struggle with commitment. Someone hurt you badly, part of you is trying to protect you from being hurt again. See that part of yourself and commitment becomes easier. Good luck, OP.

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