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Single Mum F-Time Work Vs Study

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Kimorsweetcheek Sun 04-Sep-16 15:36:30

Hi there,

I'm a single Mum and work full time as an independent gender violence advocate working with high risk clients. Tbh I'm finding the commute and my work environment quiet stressful. I have been looking at jobs closer to home, and was short listed for one but didn't get it, and so far I haven't found anything else.

I'm now at a point where I'm having anxiety about returning to my job having been on hols and I'm contemplating looking into other options. Are there any Mums or Dads studying part time (university level) and working full time or who have left working full time to study full time? If so how do you juggle finances, child(ten), home and house keeping? Also if you have any places to look for funding that may also be useful...

Also just wondering if I should just keep working and try to keep a level of stability for my LO as the majority of my family members are not in support of me studying.

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