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Abusive ex issues

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Vikkijayne Fri 26-Aug-16 00:28:21

Someone please offer advice .. split from my ex 17 months ago after 15 years he emotionally and physically abused me for at least 10 of those to the point I was hospitalised and had to lie. We have 3 kids 13,9and 5 plus we've had 3 still born angels, I suffer from anxiety depression ptsd and spinal issues and my ex is now saying he's going to try and get full custody of my kids even though for 18 months he's had minimal contact of 3 hrs a week and around 5 months of no contact he owes me 1000 in cma and is still mentally abusing me via text message. I've sorted my life out completely I've met a lovely man and I go on holiday soon with my kids but after tonight I feel like I've hit rock bottom again 😿anyone been in this situation that can help me with advice thank you xx

Runningissimple Fri 26-Aug-16 00:46:11

Stay calm. Just because he says he'll do this, doesn't mean he will or that he'll be successful if he does.

Your older kids are of an age where their views will be heard, the kids have been living with you for 17 months and there's a history of violence and he's not paying maintenance for his kids.

I really don't think he has a very strong case, do you? He's just trying to intimidate you. Ignore him. If he follows through, get good legal advice. If what you have said in your OP is right, you might find court puts you in a stronger position...

My ex took me to court to try and impose a custody situation neither I nor the kids wanted. He didn't get it. Now I'm not scared of court...

Read Parent as Batter 2 by Lundy Bancroft. It explains how abusive men behave in custody situations and how you need to behave. Stay very calm, level headed and focused on the children's best interests.

It's horrid thoughflowers and very scary.

Runningissimple Fri 26-Aug-16 00:50:02

I found this site very helpful:

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