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Likely contact order if it goes to court

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Rachelly123 Mon 22-Aug-16 22:25:34

Hi all
Ex and I split 2 years ago dd is almost 3 and has had regular contact every Saturday since 9am-7pm ex and I don't get on... Very long story but he wants to take me to court for more access. Things aren't exactly amicable and even negotiating isn't an option right now.

Basically I would like to ask, based on past experience what contact is he likely to get.
Ex is in the armed forces, based locally at present but could be pasted anywhere next year. He had a history of going out drinking and not turning up to collect dd . All of which I have documented, he used to have overnight contact at his parents once a week up until last year when I stopped this due to him going out drinking on he nights he has her and leaving his parents to care for her (no confreres for her safety with grandparents- more a case of why should she be away from mum who wants to be with her every night when dad dumps her to go drinking) he is in an on /off relationship and has been for 2 years, he lives with his gf, but often moved back to his parents each time they split.

I Am just worrying myself a little as I don't feel ex his responsible enough to have overnight contact - but would he get this straight off or would the contact he has right now be adequate?

Thanks in advance x

Fourormore Tue 23-Aug-16 09:34:53

Overnight contact would be likely in that scenario. If he wants to go out drinking after she's gone to bed, that's his call. The courts would likely consider either that if she's in bed then there's no impact on her, or that she is also developing a relationship with paternal grandparents. It wouldn't be seen as "dumping" her.

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