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Long distance contact and Court

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cherryredcola Fri 19-Aug-16 08:50:27

Morning all
Need advice!
Ex partner moved 275 miles away a year ago, has not seen DD since xmas and refuses to pay any maintenance for her.
Will not speak to me or answer any questions around when I will get some money, although has now said he will take me to court for access. There has been domestic violence and ex has mental health issues which have not been addressed ( sectioned previously) i have said he can come up and see Dd who is 6 but no unsupervised contact and she doesn't want to go without me down where he now lives.
How will it work given the distance that he moved away from her with court and arrangements - I can't afford to travel where he is and to be honest don't see why i should when hes done nothing for herall year xx

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