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Anyone else out there with a teenage DS that they parent entirely alone?

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JennyMe Sun 14-Aug-16 14:29:57

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone else is parenting a teenage son entirely alone (no contact with father)?
I'm finding it incredibly lonely today. It's just really hit me today. I've been on my own for two years with him. It's really hard now as he doesn't want to go out that much and so I feel housebound at times.
I'm trying to come to terms with a relationship ending and want to get out and do things but it's really difficult when I have a child constantly at home who I can't leave for hours and hours.
Just had enough of no help now, I get no respite.

onanotherday Wed 17-Aug-16 22:01:48

Yes here with SS and DD...all alone. It's pants but I remind myself that being good is good enough...feels like a cliche at times but what else is there. My DS 15 and has absolutely no makes in his life...but also will not take advantage of situations that may have either. Often tried to be the 'man'of the house which causes frictionbith with me and DD. But is a lovely boy for all that. One day I hope he will look back and see I did my best. As I'm sure your son will to. Sorry I can't give any more

onanotherday Wed 17-Aug-16 22:05:14

Typos!! DS....male.

But so know that feeling of not having any head space or down time. My ex phones from abroad...where he now lives to tell me it's not easy for him eitherhmm...but has new job,uf and sunshine....just doesn't get it at

Flowerpower41 Thu 18-Aug-16 06:32:54

What stops you leaving ds for a few hours while you go out?

At that age you can have a life of your own unless they are special needs of course when I imagine it might be tricky if not impossible.

Surely you go out in the evening alone some times by the time children are 15 they are more than capable of being left alone. Sorry op but I simply don't get this?

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