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My kids thinks my exes gf is scared of me.

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Louw12345 Sun 07-Aug-16 16:36:29

Ok so my daughter said she's scared she hides alot (the new gf) so I said what do you mean. She then she's scared of you. So I asked her why would she be scared of me.

What happens is when my ex picks the kids up and drops them off his girlfriend waits at the bottom of the street.
Which is ok coz I don't really want her at my house anyway only thing is now my kids thinks she's scared of me.
I was so upset coz I don't want my kids to think I scare anyone at all.
I text their dad about what they said and got no reply at all.
So I'm thinking maybe she shouldn't be walking them home with him for awhile.
Please bear in mind he's been seeing them 2 months and her only 2 weeks.
What is the best way to rectify this.
I don't want to tell my kids maybe she's the one with the problem with me. Coz that will start stuff off.
The other day I also found a pic on her Instagram of my kids when she met the for the first time.
I'm mad with them both but been told not to say anything as its done for show.
So what do I say about this the kids have said about being scared of me

eyebrowsonfleek Mon 08-Aug-16 18:19:38

I'd laugh and say "I'm not scary!!" and tell the kids that she might be shy.

Louw12345 Mon 08-Aug-16 18:35:19

I said to the ex to think about what he could do when dropping them off. Maybe she shouldn't walk them home with him. It's too early to have her at my door. I didn't even know what to say to them I was hurt that they thought that. I told him and he didn't even try and explain anything to them about it.
It's all new to me this but I'm going to go along with something if it doesn't feel right to me in having her at my door

navylily Mon 08-Aug-16 18:46:01

I used to laugh at my exes new GF who behaved very similarly, and the kids laughed too at the crazy notion that anyone would be scared of me.

But then I got together with a Bf with house own children and suddenly found myself sitting in the car whilst he dropped them off etc, and it is scary! grin His ex isn't really scary of course, not to anyone else I suppose (and nor am i) But calling at the door of your DP's ex, and knowing what to say to her is awkward. I also prefer to keep the conversations about my DC between me and my ex tbh, so easiest if his partner isn't there. So it's no bad thing she's waiting at the bottom of the street.

I'd either make a joke out of it with your DC, or say that she's avoiding coming to your door because she's being polite and giving you and your ex a bit of space. I think you're doing the right thing by ignoring the Instagram pictures too tbh. Yes it's just for show. Ignore.

Louw12345 Mon 08-Aug-16 19:22:22

I didn't igore the pics I told hI'm I wasn't happy she's known them for 2 weeks. The pic had #family time. They both ignored my kids for 8 months while they got their relationship started and yes I'm still pissed off by it. They only reason she walks them home is so they can go to the pub after but they could also meet up with each other after to.
I feel like I'm being title for tat but it's pissed me off. We have to talk to each other regarding the kids but then he asks the kids to ask me so if I say no its down to me. And I'm getting sick of it. I'm sorry if I'm seem off iv just had enough of them. I do know if will have a problem when I'm dating but I will still be respectful of my kids and also him.

camichung Thu 22-Sep-16 00:08:13

I'd be wanting the pictures removed, that's one thing I've asked of my ex if he meets someone else she's not to upload photos of our dc on her accounts

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