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Ex trying to prevent me moving

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CustardCream1 Thu 04-Aug-16 21:56:24

Hi, I'm a single mum to a one year old. I am very lonely and isolated where I live as I have no family or close friends. I had planned to move 150 miles away to live near close family, where I would receive lots of support. Also, I am unemployed and can't afford the rent where I live (it's close to London), whereas by moving up north, I will pay almost half of what I pay now.

I had a letter from my ex's solicitor to say that he doesn't agree to me moving and that I had to come up with a proposal for him to have regular contact with our child, which he'd have to agree with, otherwise he'll get a prohibited steps order. I put together a proposal and my ex has said he doesn't agree, as it doesn't include overnight stays (he has been having a lot of mental health issues and recently took an overdose, and I don't feel comfortable with overnight stays for now, but I have stated that I will consider it in the future.) My ex also is very emotionally abusive towards me and been violent in the past. He hasn't hit me, but has caused a lot of damage to property in anger.

Im due to move in a couple of wks and all this is getting me so down. Has anyone else been through anything similar? Did it all work out ok in the end?

Thank you.

BlackeyedSusan Thu 04-Aug-16 22:49:16

do you have photos of the damage. can you get them? do you have evidence of his mental health problems?

CustardCream1 Thu 04-Aug-16 22:58:52

I don't have photos of the damage unfortunately. He punched holes in walls and doors, but later filled them in. I don't have evidence of his past mental health problems, but I have made two police reports about his behaviour towards me (such as entering my house when I was out after we split up, threatening to kill me and other disturbing behaviour).

BlackeyedSusan Fri 05-Aug-16 12:51:39

have you got legal representation?

can you prepare good reasons for moving? why it will be better for dc to move.
you will need to make arrangements for visiting. has he been having access? what arrangements does he currently have. does he take up all that is offered?

HappyHedgehog247 Fri 05-Aug-16 19:25:23

Have sent you a PM.

MyPeriodFeatures Fri 05-Aug-16 20:46:02

Just move and don't tell him. When you get there they can't demand you go back. There are no grounds. Just go. Trust me, this system is absolutely oppressive and you have to be smart and one step ahead. without a PSO you can go where you want within the UK and you have no legal obligation to tell him.

CustardCream1 Thu 11-Aug-16 13:37:25

Well he's taking me to court next week. He has also made allegations about my mental health (after I had raised some very serious concerns I have about his mental health) although he doesn't state what these are. I have to get a mental health report from my GP, as does he.

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