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Dating advice please

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KellyC88 Thu 28-Jul-16 11:44:57

So I'm a lone parent to one boy who is 5 and have been single the whole time. I have been dating and some OK and some bad experiences, the fun of it. So I've met this guy online and we've been talking a lot and meeting up a lot for nearly 2 months. I'm usually very laid back and just go with the flow as it takes time to get to know someone and I do enjoy meeting new people as its hard to now.

He's made it apparent randomly one day he's not sure on me and until he is sure he will remain well quite cold I guess. He also told me we aren't dating, so I'm now wondering well if we aren't dating and you're unsure on me what is this? I have tried to ask and just got told I need to chill. For me I don't want to invest time in someone who still after this time doesn't know they like me. I'm not asking for commitment but you should surely know you're interested right or is that me?

Thanks for any advice. I don't have anyone else to ask sadly.

Mumofwyatt14 Thu 28-Jul-16 21:31:06

Yeah he should know by now if he likes you of not. You deserve someone who will take pleasure in making you happy or just been happy with you it's not a lot too ask

KellyC88 Fri 29-Jul-16 08:42:27

Thank you and that's what I thought. Just needed to sound it out to someone I guess and make sure I'm not bonkers

FayaMAMA Sun 31-Jul-16 11:28:54

I had to fight my way through a load of tw*ts like this before I met my current 'person' (hasn't met my kids yet so I'm reluctant to call it anything). Cut your losses. He should know by now if he likes you and he's just playing with you. If he decides he wants you after you break if off, he'll know where you are - just keep going onwards and upwards smile

KellyC88 Sun 31-Jul-16 13:25:33

I know I've been dating for a couple of years now and it's hard fishing through the muppets! I intend to cut my losses, and thank you for your advice.
Good luck I hope it works out for you

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