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Pregnant and just split!

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Hhmyeahsuremaybe Mon 25-Jul-16 18:49:38

Please tell me stories of coping with two DC's and finding out your pregnant when you've just split from their father. I think he and everyone else will expect a dramatic reconciliation... Not on the cards

Hhmyeahsuremaybe Wed 27-Jul-16 15:37:46


WiMoChi Thu 28-Jul-16 13:13:48

I'm the same lovely. Shit scared

MammouthTask Thu 28-Jul-16 13:41:19

Not in that place but didn't want to leave it unanswered.
Do you have done support in RL?

Hhmyeahsuremaybe Thu 28-Jul-16 20:42:05

Mammoth I'm currently going with the head in the sand route... As that always ends well. I haven't told anyone. Children's father has them as much as he can (well I think he will for a while anyway)

Wimochi.. how old are your current DC? Do you have a plan in place?

Ya know when you have this idea of how life is going to be then everything gets turned on its head, and accepting that future you wanted is no longer going to happen... And will be different instead.. how do people do that?? I'm talking on terms of being single not to do with third child..m I always wanted a third just not like this

WiMoChi Thu 28-Jul-16 20:55:50

I've got one already.

I feel totally stupid and guilty I've left myself vulnerable. I'm going to have to start again with nothing. God knows if and when I will ever get a mortgage now. No pension. Been stay at home mum for two years.

Not what I wanted for my kids.

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