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Dna request through CMS

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babyboy2015 Thu 21-Jul-16 22:38:18

I contacted child maintenance service in January only last week (July) did my ex partner get back to them. 

He's basically told them that there is chance he's not the dad and requested a DNA test. 

I'm wondering if this is something I will have to pay for? Has anyone's case gone this far? He really doesn't seem to want to pay. 

cannotlogin Fri 22-Jul-16 10:08:59

He will have to pay for it. He may change his mind when he realises that. Otherwise you will just need to grit your teeth and do the test. It will take time but in the end he will need to pay.

wheresmyfairygodmother Wed 27-Jul-16 12:29:10

Yes. Father of my children did this with our second child (he was on birth certificate of first but not second, his choice). Because he'd already paid maintenance before he decided to dispute paternity he had to continue to pay DNA test processed. If he'd asked for DNA test before payments started then he wouldn't pay until paternity proved to be him but it would be back dated. So assuming he's the dad he'll pay up in the end but you may have a delay.
Concerning the DNA test fee... if the test is negative he has to pay nothing, nor do you. If he's asked for a test & is shown to be the daddy he also has to pay for the test (deterrent to stop men using it as a delaying tactic). You will not pay either way for a DNA test you have not requested.
For info in my case, once he realised he couldn't stop his m maintenance payments for a bit plus he'd pay for the test too when it was shown he was the father, which he knew wasn't in doubt, he miraculously dropped the claim.
Hope your situation resolves quickly.

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