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Deja Vu

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lookluv Thu 21-Jul-16 17:14:30

4 yrs ago my Ex left me with 2 DCs and went off with the OW.

Pretty well neglected his DCS - we are talking max of 30 ONs in 4 yrs and none in the last 11 months. He would see them for a few hours after school most weeks and phone.

When they did go to his new home, they were treated badly by his DP.

He has now left OW and moved into his own place. Today he has taken the DCS to stay with him for the first time and is making a huge effort to see them, etc. No fixed routine - all on his terms and availability.

Whilst I know this is best for the DCS, after 4 yrs of me being IT, I am having really mixed emotions as to how I feel about it all. I had finally got my life sorted, routines in place, knew I could not rely on him for anything and it is like we are splitting up again and renegotiating the boundaries - but all to his liking.

I am supposed to feel happy but right now, do not know where I stand re the children, my carefully planned child care and security is going to pot and my DCs are wary.

AAAAAAAAAAAAgh - I need a drink and a few big deep breaths!!

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