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Advice with Ex

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Thelifeofamum Tue 12-Jul-16 20:47:35

Just need some advice single parent to single parent. My ex (LO Dad) and I broke up last October. It was incredibly hard for our LO who is 5. Recently my ex has been 'seeing' another women and tonight informed me he would be taking our LO out tomorrow and she will be there and meeting our LO.
I was taken back by this as he is seeing her (whatever that means) and it has only been for a 2 months tops.
Now our LO has only just started coming to terms with what happened between me and his Dad. He struggled so bad he developed anxiety and was barely sleeping and became so attached to me he wouldn't go to school. This was due to his Dad not only leaving me but also cutting contact with our son.
Long story short, in the past few weeks ex has been geting better and has been seeing LO on a kind of regular basis. He then throws this at me and I am at a loss.
I am worried for our child's emotional wellbeing as I think it is way to soon for him to be meeting his Dad's new squeeze. I am only young myself and I am trying to be mature and have told my ex I do not feel comfortable with it but he is his Dad and he makes the decisions to.
I worry ex is doing this for all the wrong reasons. All I want is to protect LO and when/if Dad and new squeeze become serious then we can introduce LO.
Is it to soon? Will it do more harm than good? (Currently LO is going tomorrow, but is it the right thing to do, I am unsure)
What would you ladies/men do if this was you? How shall I deal with it?
I just want to make sure LO is emotionally going to be okay, he had a tough few months.
Sorry for the long post!

SharonfromEON Wed 13-Jul-16 10:46:11

This is one of those you don't have a choice in.. You can't appeal from her perspective but ultimately you cannot control who she see;s when she is with her dad..
I would go from the perspective she is much better with the regular contact and could we try that for a while longer..However it may well me his latest is the reason he is doing the regular contact.. Sadly while we want to protect them from harm this is something you have to be there to pick up the pieces if it all falls apart.

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