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Baby not eating for me!

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Shaus25 Fri 01-Jul-16 12:20:39

My 1 year old has really lost his appetite over the past two weeks and I'm at a loose end. I'm so stressed out. He's no interest in breakfast but he will drink his bottles. He's being eating porridge since he was small so I tried changing it. I tried him with cheerios, only had a few spoonfuls and then tried him with rice crispies and he was the same with them, he also keep spitting food out and shaking his head. I sometimes can get his dinner into him but have to really distract him. It's such a battle all the time that i dread breakfast/lunch/dinner time. Obviously he has good and bad days like all babies but mostly always bad over the last two weeks. I just flipped this morning because he wouldn't eat his breakie. Shouted at him and took him out of his chair roughly abd put him on the sitting rolm floor and just slammed the door, i had to get out. I feel awful. Just feel I'm trying so hard and nothing is good enough. I'm having such a bad couple of weeks witt him and feel like the worst mother in the world. Can anyone give me some advice on feeding fussy babies? Thank you x

Geevis Fri 01-Jul-16 19:30:56

Firstly don't be so hard on yourself. Just as your son has bad days so do you. Everyone does. You say he's being fussy but is it just the last two weeks? If so it could be anything, maybe he's got some new teeth coming. When my DD got her molar she really went off her food then a few weeks later was back to normal. In my experience most things are just a phase. Does he seem OK in himself apart from the eating? Can you leave a bigger gap between his milk and meals to make sure he's hungry? Cut back on any snacks? I'm sure he'll be fine. Try not to worry, if it carries on you could speak to the health visitor. The main thing I'd say is stay calm because kids can really pick up on your vibe, eat with him (I always find my kids eat better when we all eat together) and unless there's and underlying problem he will eat if he's hungry.

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